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"The Legend of San Kirishitohoro" Reference images

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"David and Goliath", a colour lithograph by Osmar Schindler (c. 1888)
Duplicated from:


1: Stained glass of "Saint Christopher" in St Peter's London Docks Church. Photographed by M. Iguchi, April 2017.

2: St. Christopher, from the Westminster Psalter ca. 1250 (Wikipedia)

3: An earliest dated woodcut print of St. Christopher ca. 1423 from an ex libris in a Buxheim's manuscript (Germany), The John Rylands University Library, University of Manchester (Wikipedia)


1: Der heilige Christophorus mit zurückgewandtem Kopfe (Saint Christopher with his head turned back), by Albrecht Dürer (1921). From:

2: Saint Christopher, by Konrad Witz (c. 1435), Kunstmuseum, Basel (Wikipedia).
3: Helvetia stamp 1969.



"Faust flying in the air with Mephistopheles".

Left: Cover of Osamu Tezuka's famous comic "Faust", 1950,  authored after the Goethe's Faust (replaced December 2021),

Riight: A painting by Charles Buchel, for His Majesty's Theatre, London on 5th September 1908. Duplicated from:



Left: The Temptation of Saint Anthony, by Lieven van Lathem, 1469
(In the frame are depicted various monsters) ptation-of-saint-anthony-flemish-1469/
Right: The Temptation of Saint Anthony, by an anonymous 17th C. Flemish painter.



Left: The Temptation of Saint Anthony, by an anonymous 17th C. Flemish painter.

Right: Courtesan in Miuraya House, Yoshiwara, Edo. Woodcut, Details unknown (The signature is read as “Toyokuni”). The guest is not a monk but a high-rank warrior.



The miniature edition of "The Legend of San Kirishitohoro (きりしとほろ上人傳), published in 1983, from Sousaku-mamehon-publishing.