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This page was originally aimed at recording my Scientific Publications but the whole contents of two books published in recent months have been added, arranged in HTML format.


(1) GUTTA PERCHA - A Journey: With Appendices on Xylonite (Celluloid)/Amber & Copal, Third Edition

      Author: Masatoshi Iguchi, Publisher: Texnai Inc., Kawasaki, Japan (15 October 2021).

      Available from:

 (Hardcover)  Old Edition (29 January 2021)  

         Old Edition Errata

A Japanese translation of Appendix 1 has been published as "The Rise and Decline of Xylonite (Celluloid)" in: J. Fiber Sci. & Tech., Japan, 77(11), P-577-584.


(2) The Identification of “Holotan Country” recorded in the Chinese Book of Sung with reference to the Wangsakerta Manuscripts
      Author: Dr. Masatoshi Iguchi, Publisher: Japan E-book Technology Disseminaition Association (30 April  2021)
      Available from;




Most of Scientific Publications were those contributed during my career times but a new article, above, was appended (04/05/2019.

       “Memoir: A polymer whisker – The needle-shaped single crystal of polyoxymethylene”
       By Masatoshi Iguchi, POLYMER 168, 2 April 2019, Pages 255-268,