6 June 2019

The contents of my book,

"Java Essay: The History and Culture of a Southern Country", Troubador Publishing, Leicester 2015 (EPUB Edition)

as well as its Japanese version,

"ジャワ探究:南の国の歴史と文化", Maruzen Planet, Tokyo, Japan 2013

are now readable on this website!

Endnotes which have been either modified or newly added in these web editions are coloured in orange.


Author: Masatoshi Iguchi
Title: Java Essay: The History and Culture of a Southern Country
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd., Leicester, UK
Date: 15 January 2015
Format: Royal, 342 pages/EPUB.
ISBN-10: 178462151X; ISBN-13: 978-1784621513
Publisher's Website: (http://www.troubador.co.uk/book_info.asp?bookid=3062)

Errata 2016.10.31.
Newspaper review:
(The Jakarta Post 27/April/2015)
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Author: 井口正俊 (Masatoshi Iguchi)
Title: ジャワ探究:南の国の歴史と文化 (Java Quest: The History and Culture of a Southern Country)
丸善プラネット株式会社, 東京 (Maruzen Planet Co. Ltd, Tokyo, Japan)
Distributer: 丸善出版株式会社,東京 (Maruzen Publishing Co. Ltd, Tokyo, Japan)
20131010 (10 October 2013)
Fromat: A5, 364 pgaes
ISBN-10: 4863451741; ISBN-13: 978-4863451742
Publisher's Website: (http://planet.maruzen.co.jp/bookdetail....)

Errata 2016.11.09.
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