Greetings for the opening of website

August 2015

Having dwelled in retirement for more than ten years, I have at last made up my mind to start my own homepage. As a matter of fact, I have had a feeling of hesitation to directly expose my writings to public eyes because in the past all my writings, a paper or review or what so ever written during my career as a scientist were reviewed prior to publication in the stage of manuscripts by editors of periodicals or books in accordance with a certain standard. More severe orders and comments were received in the case of contributing essays to magazines and community papers. Recently a friend of mine encouraged me saying, “It will be a good opportunity to look back your own life if you create a homepage". Computer languages for webpages, e.g., HTLM and CSS, seemed rather complicated even to me who had been familiar with computers for many decades but such a convenient tool as Microsoft Expression Web 4 was fortunately available to make up what looked like a homepage.
Yours faithfully,


Masatoshi Iguchi,
Tokyo, Japan.


Toshi surrounded by Buddhas at Boorobudur (June 2004)
Enlarged picture